Kelly is a supple and courageous storyteller, boldly free-associating as he mixes parody and satire with earnest psychodrama and coming up with plot points no one could anticipate.

— Lisa Alspector, Chicago Reader

Donnie Darko: 15th Anniversary

Film • Oct 31

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Wake up, Columbia… you have a special screening of cult classic Donnie Darko to attend.

Director: Richard Kelly

Set in the 1980s to a new wave soundtrack. Richard Kelly’s foray into the time travel genre follows 28 days in the life of disaffected teenager Donnie Darko (a break-through role for Jake Gyllenhaal). After being visited by a skeletal bunny named Frank, Donnie narrowly escapes death when a jet engine plummets through his parent’s suburban roof into his bedroom.

This Halloween join us for a special screening with a time travel pre-show and trivia. If you wear your bunny ears, you’ll get one free, small popcorn.

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2001. USA. 113 minutes. Rated R for language, some drugs use and violence.