"Heartbreaking and inspirational...as suspenseful as it is moving"

— Frank Schek, Hollywood Reporter

Call Her Ganda | Featuring a Talkback with Director PJ Raval

Film • Apr 23

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When 26-year old Filipina transgender woman and alleged sex worker Jennifer Laude is found dead with her head plunged into a motel room toilet, the perpetrator is quickly identified as 19-year-old U.S. marine Joseph Scott Pemberton. A military recruit in an unfamiliar land, Pemberton was on “liberty leave” when he solicited Jennifer at a disco. On discovering that Jennifer was transgender, he brutally murdered her, leaving her to be found by her friend and the motel receptionist.

Amidst a media storm and police inquiry, as Jennifer’s family copes with their loss, three women intimately invested in the case pursue justice, taking on hardened histories of U.S. imperial rule that have allowed previous American perpetrators to evade consequence. These women are an activist attorney, Virgie Suarez, who labors to reveal the truth of Jennifer’s death from inside the courtroom, despite strategic silences and sly legal maneuvers from Pemberton’s defense team; a transgender investigative journalist, Meredith Talusan, who is determined to bring international attention to the case, writing sharp, in-the-fray essays for VICE, The Guardian and Buzzfeed; and Jennifer’s normally reserved mother, Julita, who finds herself at the center of a political uprising, inciting fellow protesters with a tenacious voice she never knew existed.

Directed by PJ Raval.

Please join us after the screening for a Skype talkback with Director PJ Raval.

PJ Raval is more recently known as an award-winning filmmaker than he is an ex-scientist. Born to immigrant parents and having grown up in a small, white, conservative town in California’s central valley, PJ’s outsider experience has greatly shaped his filmmaking practice. PJ’s work explores the overlooked subcultures and identities within the already marginalized LGBTQ+ community. Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s ‘25 new faces of independent film′ and Out Magazine’s ‘OUT 100′, PJ discovered film and video after working with photography and media installation art early in his career.

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2018. USA. 93 minutes. Not Rated.