Afrofuturist Shorts

Film • Feb 27

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“The series of short films I’ve chosen reflect the multifaceted experience of blackness through the lens of several Black filmmakers. These filmmakers choose to give voices to blackness from perspectives of life far exceeding society’s portrayals of a cookie-cutter, status quo black experience.

I felt the need to curate films that would bring a wider perspective and greater understanding of Afrofuturism; which could include the ever so popular Wakanda, without Wakanda being the primary focus of what blackness means.  This reflection on Afrofuturism is important at a time when it is continuing to become more and more expansive and reflective of African diasporic experiences.” – Cedric Umoja


They Charge for the Sun
Terence Nance, 2016

Nuotama Bodomo, 2014

Isaac C. Udogwu, 2017

Roni Nicole Henderson, 2018

Wanuri Kahiu, 2009

Not rated.