Above the Drowning Sea

Film • Oct 14

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As Hitler’s forces sought to expel the Jews from Europe, no other country would open its doors to the refugees. With their lives at stake, the refugees desperately looked for an escape from the coming Holocaust. Then, a door opened on the east coast of far-away China—Shanghai, an “open city” itself in chaos from foreign invasion and civil war. But getting there required a golden document to get out of Nazi Europe—a visa from China.

Above the Drowning Sea recounts the courageous intervention of Ho Feng Shan, the Chinese Consul in Vienna, who defied his own government and braved the Gestapo to issue visas to the refugees.

Directed by René Balcer.

Please join us after the screening for a reception in the lobby, hosted by the Columbia Jewish Film Festival.

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2017. Canada. 88 minutes. Not Rated.