Magic Hour III: Love

Event • Feb 23

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Open Screen Programming and Variety Show

When: Thursday, February 23 at 8:00 PM

Magic Hour is a variety show full of original talent, be it short films, music videos, theatre pieces, docs–anything under 10 minutes. There’s no censorship, it’s free to enter, and all are welcome! Hosted by local scallywags, Pedro and Rupert, Magic Hour promises to be a night of wonder, with a variety of entertainment and surprises that you can’t find anywhere else. Combining the format of an open screen with musical accompaniment and other art, hosts will guide you through local and DIY work, with talkback and discussion.

Stepdad w/ “My Leather, My Fur, and My Nails”
X w/ “Liquor”
T-Rextasy w/ “Gap Yr Boiz”
John Wilson w/ “How to Remain Single”
Demetrius + Stefanie w/ “How To Date People”
Nichole Maire Johnson w/ “Youth Paste”
Broøke Keppy w/ “CHILDHOOD”
Sharon Von Fange w/ “Williamsburg”
Maurcs Rosenstrader w/ “Long Distance”
Contour w/ “Softer”