Come Around My Way Film Spotlight

Oct 15, 2014 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog
Come Around My Way 2015

My name is Karen Smith and I am from Newark, New Jersey. I go to C.A Johnson High School. I’m in 9th grade. Making this film was a huge step for me considering the fact that I’m not used to other people reading or watching who I am.

Newark really shaped who I am. Leaving Newark, I knew I would have to get used to a new surrounding. One of the hardest aspects of moving was leaving behind everyone who was important to me… especially my Mom.

It was difficult to trim this movie down to a minute. I cut out a lot of important things to me. I originally mentioned more about Newark, but I had to make a sacrifice in editing. I wanted to add a few more pictures about who I was surrounded by in Newark and how I had to deal with the PLASTICS (what I call people who aren’t genuine) when I lived there!!!