Come Around My Way Film Spotlight

Oct 8, 2014 by Sherard Duvall on The Nickelodeon Blog

My name is Adrian Williams and I am a 17-year old senior at C.A.Johnson High School. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Columbia, SC when I was ten. I decided to make my movie about how I wake and prepare for school using short clips edited together.

It was a new experience working with  Windows Movie Maker. I’m accustomed to using Adobe Premiere Pro and was unfamiliar with the settings and user interface of Movie Maker. It was difficult to trim the video down to one minute since I had to remove certain essential parts of the clips, such as hygiene and dressing up, in order to adhere to the project time limit. In the end, I managed to squeeze most of the important components of my preparation into an approximately minute long film.