​Why You Should Watch (the Oscar Nominated/Sundance Selection) Wild Tales

May 27, 2015 by Pedro Lopez DeVictoria on The Nickelodeon Blog

Allow me to use various strings of words to briefly explain exactly why Wild Tales is the best film I’ve seen in theaters in years. In this film, six short tales unfold with equal parts savagery and finesse, hilarity and darkness, tension and release–conspiring to push you as close as humanly possible to the edge of your seat. But not always in the fist-fighting-atop-a-flaming-train sense (though there is a fair amount of that). Writer/Director Damian Szifron is a damned craftsman when it comes to his storytelling and his weaving masterwork draws in the audience’s focus to a pinpoint. You will be prepared to move mountains just to know how any particular story will end.


The fulcrum of the film is the demonstrably permeable membrane between the civil human and the savage beast. The film proposes that everyone has a breaking point, and then asks you to hold witness to that very phenomenon through jam-packed ultra-potent dramedy. When I watched it in our theater with a seemingly conservative group of people, we danced across that membrane ourselves, oohing, aahing, gasping, laughing, groaning, “oh-no”ing–a singular experience.

wildtale 3

​The Kafka-esque frustrations of the relentless Parking Services, the catastrophic potential of a massive wedding, the inhuman escalation of road rage, the tangle of shady deals, the burn of revenge, the absurdity of certain circumstance — all of these elements are bulls-eyed with a directorial gaze reminiscent of Tarantino or the Coen Brothers, but is yet original and fresh on its own. Szifron’s manipulation of stress and catharsis, tension and release, is musical, absolutely–and his latest is a mixtape that will flatten you entirely.

Guys, it’s so good. It’s so so good. I just ran downstairs and people were going crazy watching it. There are only two showings left. If you watch one film in a theater this whole year, this is me saying make it this one. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Guardian put it best-
“..a splendidly anarchic portrait of a world on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Fired by “the undeniable pleasure of losing control”, Szifron’s scabrously satirical compendium owes as much to the American TV show Tales from the Crypt as to the scandalous European subversions of Luís Buñuel. From aeroplanes to cars, from cafes to sitting rooms, bourgeois repression is not so much dissected as gleefully detonated from within.”

Showings for Wild Tales are at 9:30 PM Wednesday, May 27th, and 5:30 PM Thursday, the 28th.

Make like Billy Tell and do not miss this.

-Pedro LopezDeVictoria, Program Coordinator